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Environmental Insurance Services Specialists

We specialize in providing Environmental Insurance coverage for environmental liabilities and offer a range of insurance products to protect businesses, property owners, and other entities from financial losses resulting from environmental accidents, pollution, or other environmental issues.

You can take comfort in knowing, our team of experts are very knowledgeable in environmental risk management and can help you assess  these risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. We can also provide training and education to help you comply with environmental regulations and standards that exist.

Our coverage options and products include, pollution liability insurance, environmental impairment liability insurance, and cleanup cost cap insurance. These policies can cover a range of risks, including bodily injury or property damage resulting from pollution, the cost of cleaning up contaminated sites, and legal defense costs associated with environmental claims.

At BC Environmental, we play an important role in helping your business manage environmental risks and protect you from financial losses due to environmental liabilities, click here to see a breakdown of typical Markets we serve.

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• Environmental Consultants & Engineers
• Laboratories
• Products Pollution
• Environmental Contractors
• Hazardous Haulers Transportation

• Asbestos Lead & Mold Coverage
• Site Pollution Risks
• Weatherization Contractors
• Restoration Contractors
• Real Estate Transactional Coverage